100% of my clients know what they want and why by the time they complete any of my programmes.


My clients have built confidence to allow them to take decisive action and go on to pursue their ambitions freely.


Self-love enables my clients to put themselves first. They feel that they deserve what they have and are proud of themselves.


You shouldn’t have to wait for a mental breakdown before taking action. My clients have learnt to set up systems to protect as well as nurture their emotional well-being


My clients go on to have fulfilled careers and livelihoods. They develop the positive habits needed to lead successful lives and be proud of themselves.


Living with complete authenticity allows my clients to be accepted and respected for who they truly are without living under fear or repercussions.











Most of my clients come to me because they feel lost or tell me about the things that they don’t have. This is common given the number of turning points in our lives and we don’t always stick to the same path in life. Things change; we start a new career, we get married, we have children, we become more mature, we face adversity… the list goes on.

The truth is that the key to any successful life transformation is to first not only gain clarity over what you want, but also why you want it.

50% of my clients begin not know what they want. The majority of the ones that do know, don’t know why they want it or how to get there, which is why they feel stuck in life.

Being stuck adds to stress and the uncertainty over your future, and most people only begin to address this when a disaster occurs. This could be trouble with family, relationships, redundancy, expectations placed on us and the depression and misery that comes with it.

As someone who has experienced these events first-hand, you do not want to wait for a disaster to happen before you take action. The confusion and pain will only grow exponentially worse.

With the right coaching, support and tools, you can become unstuck and plot a path that is clear and achievable.

100% of my clients know what they want and why by the time they complete any of my programmes. They learn to develop clear plans of action, realistic paths in life and they leave feeling positive and optimistic about the future.

You can begin to turn what might seem impossible by building your confidence and mindset.

If the Pillar of Clarity resonates with you, then I’d love to invite you to the next step where I can help you to build confidence and unblock the barriers to enable you to start your new chapter in life. You can start transforming your life by booking in a free no obligation consultation with me.


People assume that having confidence is about holding some level of ability, or a minimum standard in order for them to be successful. They also believe that confidence is for strong or outgoing personalities.

In reality, almost all of us have to fail before we can succeed. Deciding not to do something because you “don’t feel confident” is born from irrational beliefs. It’s the self-talk in our heads that tell us that we can’t or we shouldn’t as a way to try and protect ourselves from a danger that’s a lot worse that it really is. You already feel like you’ve failed.

Putting off from doing something won’t add to your confidence, nor that ability or perfect scenario that you’re waiting for. You’ll be forever waiting until the opportunity is lost forever.

It’s like have a crush on a someone but you’re too afraid to ask them out for fear of rejection. What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll just say ‘no’ and you’re still alive. Leave it too late, and it’ll be somebody else who will be choosing the nail varnish or shirt they’ll be wearing on their next date. 

An opportunity feared, is an opportunity lost.

Piano virtuoso, Lang Lang was once told by his teacher that he had no talent and to give up. When his father heard of the news, he told Lang Lang to commit suicide as he could no longer fulfil his father’s ambition of his son becoming China’s best Classical pianist. Lang Lang is now one of the world’s most sought-after pianists, surpassing his father’s ambitions.

And the rest they say, is history.

With the right coaching and support, my clients have built the confidence to allow them to take action on their own terms without fear of failure or repercussions. They become understood, respected, their careers improve and they go on to pursue their ambitions freely.

Start building your confidence by looking at the truth behind why you believe you can’t do something, or say ‘no’. By deep diving into your current belief system, we can identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs so that you can achieve amazing results, and start living your life.

If you identify with the topics from the Pillar of Confidence, then I invite you to be brave and take the first step to having killer confidence by booking a free consultation with me.

areas of coaching











Work-life Balance

Health & Wellness

Home Environment

Love & Relationships



Happiness & Fulfilment


The first thing most people think about when hearing the words ‘self-love’ is often something that’s ‘flowery’ or narcissistic. Their career, family and other aspects of life are the most important things to them, rather than ‘wasting time’ pampering themselves or being selfish.

Your number one priority in life should be you. Not your family, job and everything else that does not physically or mentally come from you.

If you’re not looking after yourself, the likelihood is nobody else will. At least not for long until they feel burdened.

There’s nothing wrong with hard-work to provide for your family, lifestyle, other people and things you care about. But that usually comes at a cost, especially if you’re always doing things to please others. You’ll feel that nothing is good enough and that your life is wasting away. Stress and depression are the most common effects that follow until a breakdown occurs, and you will be afraid of being a failure.

People who suffer a breakdown from a lack of self-love become a liability to themselves and others around them. Your children, partner and loved ones will be the first to suffer and you’ll no longer be fit to look after them, let alone yourself.

Self-love is almost always something that my clients never think about. When I introduce them to the tools to practise what is probably the most important pillar in transforming their lives, they wake up feeling excited about what’s to come. They put themselves first unapologetically, they feel that they deserve what they have and become proud of themselves.

You can start practising self-love by putting yourself first, now. It’s like sitting on top of a pyramid. It only has space for one, and it’s strictly reserved because nobody except you should be sat there.

If the pillar of Self-Love resonates with you, start your first step into putting yourself first by booking a free consultation with me. It could be the best thing you’ve done for yourself in a long time.


Practising resilience is difficult for a lot of people. The emotional stress and pain isn’t something that you can apply a remedy to like a physical ailment. People either put up a wall to completely block the pain, or they express their emotions through anger or sadness.

Emotional resilience is about doing what causes you less pain, by controlling your emotions and not ignoring them. Emotions are like colours. The two default paths are like a Banksy artwork; they are cutting and provocative. Black or white.

We either shutdown (critiqued until we’re blue in the face) or explode (seeing red), with no spectrum in between for us to control our emotions.

I’ve seen countless Asians clash, be completely put down or have their issues ignored by their families. The only time I’ve seen calmness is when one or both reach old age or death, that’s a very long time to wait and a lot of pain to endure.

Constantly giving into your emotions, or become detached from them leaves you in constant anger or living like an empty shell. You will feel misery and a sense of being trapped. I’ve seen people suffer from emotional blackmail, destructive behaviours and eventually emotional breakdown. When the wall crumbles, the forces that you have been trying to keep away catches up with you in one huge tidal wave. And it hurts. Hard.

You shouldn’t have to wait for a mental breakdown before taking action. My clients have learnt to set up systems to protect as well as nurture their emotional well-being whilst dealing with all manner of people in their lives. They are able to set boundaries, let others in emotionally whilst being at peace and less angry. Ultimately, they gain emotional freedom so that they can stay in control of their lives.

Emotional resilience can be a tricky road to navigate. If you identify with the challenges and outcomes of mastering the pillar of Emotional Resilience, I’d welcome you to book in a free consultation with me so that we can start looking at how you can start building your personal resilience.


Conflict Resolution

Family Dynamics

Cultural & GenerationAL Differences

Communication Skills


Love & Relationships



Happiness & Fulfilment


Peak Performance



Overcoming Procrastination

Increase Productivity

Goal Setting

Developing Positive Habits

Removing Bad Habits or Addictions

Career Coaching

Interview Techniques

Health & Wellness

Work-life Balance


When I ask my clients, what stops them from being the best they can be, the reasons are far and wide. The biggest reason overall is fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown and even fear of success. With Asians, there is the added complexity of the fear of going against their family’s wishes.

Nobody likes to be called ‘lazy’ but if we’re not doing what we could to better ourselves, it either means we’re avoiding doing the things we don’t enjoy, or we don’t want it enough. And the reality is, we all have to do things we don’t enjoy to get to our destination.

Fear of going against one’s family’s wishes means there is an emotional stake at play; be it that they have a reliance on them, such as financial support, or a sense of shame and disobedience. See Self-Love and Emotional Resilience.

Being lazy about doing something isn’t the same as being a lazy person. We all have 24 hours in the day. Instead of doing the things to be their best selves, people are passing time that they enjoy.

I dislike writing, yet you are reading the very words I have written for my entire copy. A lot of businesses fail because they dislike doing things that they don’t like such as sales and marketing.

The most successful people in world have one thing in common. That is consistent and positive habits.

People that get stuck in the spiral of ‘laziness’ eventually develop bad habits, and it’s called self-sabotage. When sabotage takes hold of someone’s life, they’ll begin to beat themselves up. They’ll become frustrated that they should be doing more with their lives, not meeting expectations and not fulfilling their potential. And before they know it, time flies by and they feel less and less inclined to believe that they can change things and they feel that their life was wasted.

When my work is complete with my clients, they continue to have fulfilled careers and livelihoods. They develop the positive habits needed to lead successful lives and be proud of themselves.

You can start your road to success by projecting what your success looks like, however impossible it may seem. Unless you’re a 55-yearold looking to become an astronaut (but you only just thought about doing that right?). And ask yourself this, if you were to die tomorrow, what would you regret not having accomplished or lived?

Make those your goals right now and I’d invite you to book in a free consultation with me, so that we can look at how we could overcome your challenges and start building a strategy to achieving your aspirations.


In Asian culture, we are taught to be respectful to our elders and parents. And respect includes abiding by what they believe is best for you.

But the reality is, many of us live under the overwhelming expectations placed upon us. As we work to please others, we are in fact putting ourselves as second best.

Being true to yourself is the standard to which you live your life. Oscar Wilde famously said, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. You deserve to live the life that you want.

Otherwise, you aren’t being true to yourself and living under somebody else’s rules. Imagine living a life to please others, such as your family’s expectations and wishes. They will eventually no longer be around and will have the last laugh, as you have spent your best years being somebody you’re not and have lost your identity and your dreams.

There is a way to live the way you want to without losing face with loved ones. Not everyone needs to like what you do and how you do it, but they will learn to respect it.

Most of my clients learn to build the confidence needed to take action in being true to themselves. It’s like saying ‘no’ to someone who’s trying to force you to follow a religion that you don’t believe in. You will be happier for it and they will know to stop asking you.

Living with complete authenticity allows my clients to be accepted and respected for who they truly are without living under fear or repercussions. They can be open and honest with themselves and others so that they can live stress-free lives and be true to themselves.

The first step to living authentically is to begin building the equivalent of your own rulebook to live by. If the Pillar of Authenticity resonates with you, then I’d love to invite you to the next step where I can help you to build the confidence and structure to start living authentically at your own pace. You can start your journey towards authenticity by booking in a free no obligation consultation with me.


Limiting Beliefs

Self Awareness

Fear & Irrational Thinking

Cultural & GenerationAL Differences


Love & Relationships


Happiness & Fulfilment


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