As a second-generation Hong Kong immigrant in the UK, I grew accustom to the challenges and adversity of growing up in a strict Chinese household on Western soil.

At the age of 7, I was forced to enrol in a weekend Chinese school as most of my compatriots around that age did. Whilst I am grateful for the language abilities it has given me, it was also the beginning of a period of my life where I was thrust into conflicting beliefs and values. For the first three years of Chinese school, I was seen to be academically gifted as my father pushed me to secure consecutive annual scholarship awards.

My first taste of failure (by one exam question) made me experience the harsh consequences of not meeting such high expectations. I began to realise that my happiness and love between my parents were conditional upon my success and obedience. 


Succeed and do as you’re told and you’ll be showered with love and adoration. Failure and you’ll feel physical and emotional pain.

For a long time, I’d built an emotional wall around me to protect myself. But I also learned that this kept others out.

I grew up watching other families interact and enjoy seemingly unrestricted freedom with envy. My journey to adulthood evolved around meeting high expectations both academically and professionally.


Until one day, I’d had enough. I wanted to live my life and achieve success on my own terms. I began to work hard to achieve financial and emotional independence, so that I was able to live by my rules and make peace with my past.

I have built a much better relationship with my family where they respect my decisions, accept my ethnically diverse relationships and most importantly, they’re proud of what I have achieved.

My journey to date has taken me past three career changes, success as well as failures, marriage and divorce, been in five figures of debt, built a six-figure income within 5 years of my second career and an unorthodox path through education.


Now I coach others so that they can receive the guidance and support that I didn’t have. When I tell people that they can achieve the impossible, I say this with absolute conviction – and experience. As long as you are willing to work hard towards it.

If you’re fed up and tired of your current situation, then my promise is to help you get freedom and the best out of YOUR life.


  • I have a dark sense of humour
  • My loved ones call me stubborn – I call it determined
  • My vice is crisps; salt & vinegar, pickled onion and anything tangy and edgy – just like me
  • I’m a rather good singer – I once turned a young lady on during karaoke with my rendition of Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy”; she became my wife
  • I’m also not the typical Chinese male; for one I can cook, my favourite meal is a Sunday roast, and I absolutely love RuPaul – my favourite celebrity drag queen
  • I have an eclectic taste in music; my playlist is varied with music  you won’t normally see
  • I’m a perfectionist – but I prefer to just get shit done
  • I love ice-cream, which is probably why I have a soft and compassionate side
  • As a teenager, I loved going to my local kebab shop where the owner used to call me Bruce Lee – so I called him Stavros
  • I’m typically Chinese in that I eat with chopsticks, cook with chopsticks, beat eggs with chopsticks – Chopsticks. Period.
  • I believe in coaching and personal development so much, that I pay beyond what I’m comfortable with to hire the best coaches for my own growth
  • I experienced the most physical pain to date when I was 7. My brother had unwittingly fed me an alkaline solution, believing it was a soft drink and I was lucky to survive

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